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1.      Save the .swi file to the USB drive.
2.      Plug in the USB drive to the HP ProCurve Switch.
3.      Begin running continuous pings on the Ip address of the switch.
4.      Logon to the Switch, as admin, with an SSH connection (Putty.exe)
a.      Enable the ‘config’ privileges >config<enter>
5.      Type >verify signature flash<enter>
a.      To verify if the software has a digital signature.
b.      The command, if the software is digitally signed the switch does nothing for approximately 30 seconds, then responds.
c.      If the software is not digitally signed, the switch responds in approximately 10 seconds.
6.      Copy the file from the usb drive: >copy usb flash W_15_14_0012.swi primary<enter>
a.      A warning message will come up stating that the previous image will be overwritten, do you want to continue? (y).
b.      Then, a message stating that the system software is validating and being written to the Filesytem show come up in the CLI.
7.      When the copy has completed, please remove the usb drive. 
8.      Then reboot the switch.
a.      >boot system flash primary<enter>
b.      >y<enter>   to proceed.
9.      Monitor the continuous pings that were started from step 3.
10.      Time the restart process, it should take about 1 minute to reboot.
11.      Wait 1 more minute before you test the switch’s functionality.
12.      I would wait 2 minute after you receive ping replies before you attempt to connect to the Web Interface of the switch.
13.      Type >verify signature flash<enter>
a.      Because the switch is now using a software version that understands digital signatures, the signature is not stripped during the download.
14.      Repeat Steps 6-12 to complete the update